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My Current Coaching Programs & Projects 

Magellan Network

LIVE coaching every day delivered to your mobile device. Why do some advisors succeed at a level beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to four core principals, an eight-step morning process, and a 5-step daily action plan. Take action on your 14-day FREE trial by ​magellannetwork.net



Magellan Academy

On-demand coaching and training delivered to your desktop or mobile device. Think of it, as the “Netflix of coaching & training for financial advisors”. There are hundreds of videos, audio’s, forms, tools and access to our 12-step business planning process. This is part of your Magellan Network membership 



Magellan MasterMinds

In 2013 I invited 12 clients to join me in a mastermind/study group. Our purpose is to explore success, growth, and the creation of the game to go from abundance to prosperity. Today, we have several groups that have evolved into over 40 advisors committed to having it all. To apply for a seat and more information:



Magellan Strategic Planning Conference

Every November, I host the industry’s only multi-day business and strategic planning conference. We come together for 3-days and work on our mindset, our vision, and our branding, marketing, and business development. For more info: fabizplan.com



Advisor Success Benchmarks

I have developed 18 success benchmarks during my time as a coach. If you want to find out how to stack-up and strategies to improve your performance inside this game of business and success go to ​fabizplan.com/benchmarks this is FREE to you



PracticePower Academy

This is my gift to the industry. Back in 2005, I started to build an online training portal for financial advisors. This site was the precursor to Magellan Academy. It’s 100% FREE and still contains 100’s of hours of valuable content.   practicepower.net



Personal Coaching

I personally work with a select group of financial advisors in a very hands-on way. My engagements are month-to-month. My average client has been with me for over 13 years with several 20+ years. If you believe you are ready for this type of coaching relationship, it all starts with an intro call. 


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