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About Coach Joe

I am the most experienced coach for financial advisors with over 25 years and over 52,000 individual coaching sessions during that time. You can see why many of my clients have endorsed me and my results

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Here is what I love doing for advisors and what I can do for you:

Strategic Business Planning Consulting
(Creating a 5-Year Vision For You and Your Business)

Personally, Coach Advisors to Create and Achieve Their Ultimate Vision For Themselves

Coaching Team Leaders to Become a Better Leader Facilitating Team Retreats
(A 1-3 Day Deep Dive Into Your Team, Itʼs Vision, and itʼs Challenges)

Hot-Seat Coaching at Conferences
( A rapid-fire, high-energy, Laser-Like Q/A)

Small-Group Coaching /MasterMinds Day
(One-Day Interactive, Outcome Focused, No BS Style)

Hosting My Annual 3-day Strategic Business Planning Retreat Leading, Coaching, and Training My Magellan MasterMind & Network Members

Here are some of my coaching career highlights:


My first financial advisor-client was signed in 1994

Wrote the book “Practice Power, 12 Steps to Take Your Business to the Next Level

I have several clients who have been with me for over 20 years

My average personal client is with me over 10 years

I am the only coach who hosts a live 3-day Strategic Planning Retreat

I was named one the industryʼs top troubleshooters by Registered Rep Magazine in 2000

I give away hundreds of hours of coaching content via Practice Power Academy

In 2009 I was again named one of the top coaches by Registered Rep and Wealth Management

2012 I have a YouTube Channel with over 1200 coaching video for financial advisors

The Magellan Network Podcast has over 185 episodes and growing

Created Magellan MasterMind in 2012

Created Magellan Network in 2018

Some Personal Information

I was born in Perth Amboy NJ in 1964 My family was in the bar/restaurant business starting in 1920 I grew-up working in the family business starting at 9 years old My family was lower middle class and money was always an issue I was a below-average student and socially awkward. My first personal development book I read was Think & Grow Rich at 17. I started my first business at 17 because I did not want the life of my father I have been an entrepreneur all my life

 I went to work with Tony Robbins Organization in 1991 in New York City (Commission Only) I met my business/life partner Marisa in 1993 got engaged in 10 days and have been married 25 years I have three young adult children (Joey, Kate, Michael) We moved from Bridgewater NJ to Melbourne FL in 2000 I love cooking, wine, landscaping, and architecture We have 3 dogs (German Shepherds and a Chocolate Lab rescue). We have 4 cats I never plan to retire I love what I do and I do it 24/7/365

My Current Mindset/MYOS


I AM A Giver - Athlete - Grateful - Loyal - At Peace - Endless Emotional Energy - Care Deeply About People - Always Adding Value - Leader of People - Family Man - Best Friend to Marisa - Powerful - Fearless - Make Shit Happen - Live an Uncomfortable Life - Life Coach to My Kids - Friend, Fiduciary, and Coach to My Clients. Grateful But Never Satisfied.

Life is… A True Gift - To Be Cherished - An Opportunity for Greatness - A Box of Chocolates - To Be Enjoyed - Too Short - An Adventure - To Be Lived  -

No Stress = No Life

People are… Interesting - Simple Yet Complicated - Mostly Unconscious - In Need of My Help - Mostly Good - Never Let The Bad 5% Influence You - Why I am Here!

Business is… A Game That I Win - A Test of My Emotional State - Only a Part of My Life - Always Evolving Therefore I Must Always Evolve - Always Abundant - A Reflection of MYOS - So Much Opportunity

What is important to me (My Values)

My Relationship With Myself - My Relationship With My Higher Power - My Relationship With Marisa - My Relationship With My Adult Kids - My Relationship With My Clients Freedom - Success - Abundance - Staying Uncomfortable - Fitness/Energy - Always Learning - Personal Integrity My 10x Identity A Business Leader - Successful - Healthy - Vibrant - Athlete - In Shape - A Man Who Makes Shit Happen - Congruent - Confident - High Energy I get after it.


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